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2 days ago was Indonesia's Independence day!!


Proud to be Indonesian....till the end of my life....

I know it's too late..but, never too late to celebrate right?

I just posting today, because when the independence day I still had to do my job at my office (yeah..I worked on holidaayyy~~ TuT )..

btw, I found a celebrating video from utube...
I do like it!!!
the song, the singers, the video....me love it!!

in this video, some famous singers in Indonesia, indonesia's actors n actrees', n some ordinary people.. are sing together... they song "Pancasila rumah kita" which means "Pancasila, Our house"...  I think it's a good song to increase the sense of our nationalist in the middle of many corruption cases that convolute my nation lately...

go Indonesia!!!!

and...here's the video....check it out~~

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28 May 2011 @ 12:13 am
 I just watched Badminton match between Indonesia and Japan... and It really really made my heart beat faster...
There are 5 matches...Indonesia got 2 scores for men's doubles and women's doubles while Japan got the scores from both singles....
and in the final game, the game is trully amazing!!! both japan and Indonesia were chasing each other, so the game running into the 3rd round...
and in the 3rd round...Indonesia won with the score 21-19, 23-25, and 21-14,, and you know what??? the game itself running for 1hour and 23 minutes !!! wooowwww!!!
Congratulation Indonesia~~!!!!!! tomorrow Indonesia will face against Denmark....Hope the luck with us...^^
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27 May 2011 @ 12:12 am
KAT-TUN will be releasing another version of their popular CM for Suzuki’s compact car “SOLIO.” Their a song titled, ‘Run for You’ will once again be used as the back drop / theme for the CM.

This new version of the commercial is titled ‘Run for Tsunagu’ and will begin airing on television sets this Saturday, May 28th. In the new commercial, scenes were filmed where the members of KAT-TUN are seen running as fast as they can. Since the filming was done a numerous amount of times, each of the members had to run a total of around 5km (approximately 3.1 miles). The making video and the commercial itself were also aired on TV Asahi’s Yajiuma TV earlier this morning. 

source : Tokyohive
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26 March 2011 @ 06:08 pm
Hiiiiiii!!! I come back just for this exciting news...

MUSIC STATION announces all-star lineup for April 1st!!!!

MUSIC STATION has announced a huge all-star lineup for the episode schedule to air on April 1st. Boasting the participation of Japan’s top artists, it’ll be a definite ‘must-watch’ episode!

Check out the list below:

Nakashima Mika

Source: MUSIC STATION Official Site

KAT-TUN, Arashi, Mika Nakashima, B'z . . . will be on the same eps..(sorry for the rest..^^;)
Oh yeahhh!!!! It's a must to watch!!! Can't wait for this episode...

credit to: http://www.tokyohive.com
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21 March 2011 @ 08:36 am
I think I won't open the internet for a week start from today...
I will follow chemical olympic this tuesday and I haven't prepared anything yet (they suddenly told me to follow it on last saturday...O.o)...
+ I must give a reports of organic practices this saturday..
+ I'll have 2 final examinations on sunday...
+ I still have to do my job on my office...

I think I'm gonna be craazzyyyyyyy~~!!!!! oh my god, help me..

and sadly,,KAT-TUN will hold their 5th anniversary tomorrow, and ...I will miss many event in LJ...huhuuu....T___T

wish me luck guys..
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11 March 2011 @ 05:22 pm
Strong earthquakes hit the Tohoku Region in the afternoon of March 11, triggering several meter high tsunami waves that caused massive destruction in areas along the Pacific coast of eastern Japan, especially in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures.

The earthquake itself caused scattered fires and destruction across the eastern Tohoku and eastern Kanto area, but there is no widespread damage in any major city as seen in Kobe in 1995. The tsunami, however, caused extensive damage in coastal areas along the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan.

Effect on transportation

Tokyo's Narita Airport was closed temporarily but can be expected to re-open in the near future. Tokyo's Haneda Airport was re-opened partially a few hours after the earthquake. Sendai Airport was hit by the tsunami and is likely to remain closed for some time to come.

Many shinkansen and train lines in Eastern Japan were stopped and remain out of service or have delays. It would not be surprising if some shinkansen lines in northeastern Japan remained out of service for a couple of days, especially the Tohoku Shinkansen. However, it does not seem that any shinkansen line suffered any major damage. The Tokaido Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka has already resumed operation.

Effect on trips to Japan

The effect on tourist activities (apart from short term transportation issues) is likely to be rather low. Among major tourist spots, Matsushima lies in the coastal area that got badly hit by tsunami, but no details about eventual damage are available yet. Central Sendai did not suffer widespread damage. There is currently no information on any other major tourist destination affected.

After shocks can be expected to continue for several days in the Tohoku Region.

Overall, however, there is little reason to change or cancel travel plans for Japan unless you were planning to visit the coastal areas of the eastern Tohoku Region.

I heard that it will reach some east region in my Country too this evening..
I hope everyone in Japan, Indonesia, and all pacific country in Asia will be all right...
*pray for them.. TTT______TTT
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03 March 2011 @ 08:40 am
As usual, I arrived at office this morning and found nobody here, I think they'll come at about 8 o 'clock..so I decided to open tokyohive to see the latest news, and I saw 2 news that made me interested :

FiVE member, Nakaegawa Rikiya announces his marriage

"FiVE’s vocalist/guitarist, Nakaegawa Rikiya, announced that he is getting married to his girlfriend (who’s not a celebrity). The announcement was made during the rock band’s live in Nagoya on March 2nd. Nakaegawa informed his fans during the MC portion, and they blessed his marriage by shouting “Congratulations!”

According to Nakaegawa, the couple is planning to register their marriage on March 3rd. He’s enlisted his seniors (like Takizawa Hideaki, Imai Tsubasa, and Shibutani Subaru) to sign his marriage registration as witnesses.

The Johnny’s Jr. rock band was formed in 1999, and they’ve been active mainly through live concerts. FiVe has also played as the back band for many groups, and they’re currently accompanying Yamashita Tomohisa’s Asia tour."

woww,,I can imagine if I had tackey and tsubasa, and subaru-kun as my witnesses..lol
by the way,Congratulations, Nakaegawa!

and the second news..

GACKT holds surprise live at a high school graduation

"On March 1st, popular singer GACKT attended the graduation ceremony of Nagoya International High School and gave a special surprise live.

At the very end of the ceremony, GACKT suddenly appeared on stage and made the students burst into a tremendous cheer. Amidst all of the excitement, the legendary singer-songwriter announced, “I want to award you all with this song. Please walk (into) the future with the message of this song engraved into your heart,” he then began singing his 2007 hit, “No ni Saku Hana no You ni”.

“Your senior (at school), who has been walking the path just before you, has these words to convey to you,” GACKT continued once he wrapped up his performance. “Dreams aren’t things you see. Dreams are things that can come true. Stick to your strong intentions and they will come true. Have hope in your futures. Congratulations on graduating.” A huge cheer went up from the crowd of graduating seniors, who were moved by his belief that anything can happen if you truly believe in it.

Since this event is the fifth time that he has performed at a graduation ceremony, GACKT revealed why the events were personally important to him. “When I thought about how many people I could support (by doing this), even though they may be small in scale, I want to sing at as many middle school and high school graduations as I can every single year and send off these children who will be walking (toward) their new futures with a shout. Even if I can’t convey that feeling to everyone there, if I can make a few people feel me pressing them to focus on their dreams… I think that feeling is utterly unforgettable… The feelings I sing about don’t change.”"

Why didnt you come to my school when I had a graduation GACKT-sama....I think I really would get some courage injection if he came to my school...*hiksuu~~

source :
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It's 10 pm now in Indonesia,,and I hven't made a post yet to congratulate Kame~chan!!!
Im so sorry Kame~chan..But, I was so busy at my office today..

So, Im gonna say it now..


I hope Im not too late..

may you have the greatest day and the greatest live from now till forever..
Thank you for always make my day filled with smile..

Please always be our beloved turtle...^^
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02 February 2011 @ 08:03 am
 2 special events are happening today..

KAT-TUN is releasing their new single "ULTIMATE WHEELS"


My lovely little sister 10th birthday...

OMEDETOU for both of you!!!

I wish for your best !!!!
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28 January 2011 @ 11:19 am
 I've just seen the PV preview for "ULTIMATE WHEELS"...

Woww...it's just so simple and I kinda like it...
But,it's just the preview,so I can't see the whole PV,,but I hope it gonna be as great as I imagine..

Lets wait until February 2nd..(why it took so loooonngggg time???),,or maybe 1 week after February 2nd for me,because I dunno when is my order come....

btw,here is the preview if you wanna watch it..

bye,,have to back to my job...
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